It seem the Global Pandemic has affected nearly every industry. As we reopen after Covid Shutdowns many family entertainers have gone out of business. Many simply chose to retire early, meaning a seasoned pros whose experience offered quality entertainment are just not available. Others simply could not weather the financial impact of no income for nearly two years. Unlike mid to big businesses, family entertainer are self employed micro businesses, and the Federal and Small Business Loans simply did not cater to such. Micro business could just not survive Covid. As such it may be harder these days to find quality family entertainers near you.

There are of course always new entertainers joining the market. Certainly these days the seasoned professionals have put out enough information on how to face paint or twist a balloon that any number of people can learn online. While one may master the steps to produce what online learning lacks is how to be a entertainer.

Providing good face art may be adequate for some, and may meet a kids party in the park, it is not enough for large events, nor most parties. The goal whenever High Jinks is face painting is to entertain guests. It is not enough to just paint a face well. We pride ourselves i making people have a fun enjoyable experience, after all events are celebrations, guests come to have a good time.

In the 20+ years High Jinks has been face painting I have worked alongside many other family entertainers. There have indeed be occasions where the artist was frankly boring, and times were they appeared less than clean cut in their manner of dress. Fortunetly this has been the exception, providing upscale services means we have been fortunate to work with upscale entertainers who really cater to the guest experience.

When hiring for your company event, school or just that 6 yr old’s birthday in the park asking questions or for references is quite alright. Take a look at what companies, schools and events we have done, check our our pictures, and ask away.

We are here are ready to work for you. And we will refer to a quality entertainer near you if we are not the right fit or unavailable. High Jinks is the family entertainer, the face painter near me.