Face Painting

The High Jinks team of certified face painters offers face painting from quick faces to extreme detailed face art. Our specialty is corporate events and schools where we match pace with the event needs. Our repeat client base is strong and we provide for many company and school annual events.

We do love painting for children’s birthdays and private parties, where we can give added time to each guest. Our team can be found each year at a variety of community events, as well as large food, art and music festivals.


Airbrush Tattoos

Airbrush Tattoos are our most requested service from schools, businesses and corporate events. They are our best recommendation for busy events and when the summer season is hot as the tattoos are sweat resistant.

Our designs are curated for events meaning tattoos are unique and tailored to your event. Luau? Rodeo? Pets? Superheros? Ribbon Campaign? Mascot?  We have it all and offer a wide range of tattoos from current and retro pop culture for grad nights,  bat mitzvah or quinceaneras, to pretty floral and edgy tribal looks for festivals.  And many designs come in 2 or 3 sizes to ensure each person’s tattoo fits them perfectly.

We are using a new glitter around rather than on top of our airbrusg designs and wow it is cool. The glitter on top of airbrush does not stap put, it lasts only minutes, and may contribute to removing the tattoo. Our new glitters have varied sizes and colors combined and really set up the tattto. Our staff and guest love the new look. It add a real wow to the body art.

Our entire team is certified as airbrush tattoo artists. They maintain the highest industry standards.


Airbrush Face Painting

We are the foremost airbrush face in the area, the most experienced and with the widest range of designs. We offer a wide range pre-styled and custom on the spot designs. Airbrush Face Painting is perfect for our hot northern California climate.  Airbrush makeup is lightweight and comfortable to wear. We use a makeup that is moisture and sweat-resistant so your face art stays put.

Airbrush face art is a real crowd-pleaser, people love to watch the process. And like classic face painting our artists pace pace and designs to the event.

Glitter Tattoos and Body Art

Ahh Glitter. We offer skin safe glitter tattoos. Great for pool parties, weddings, bridal showers, schools and festivals.  For kids parties we offer a wide selection of themed colorful designs, with plenty of looks that appeal to the less sparkly set.  For more upscale events we offer free hand designs catering to each guest.

We have fesival glitters in gel form for sparkly fun, safe for skin and hair. Bio-degradable glitter upon request.

Hair Art

High Jinks offers cool hair art with airbrush designs and color, metallic tinsels, feather extensions, braiding and trendy chunky glitter. Super fun for school events, company picnic, fundraisers and festivals.  We have a licensed cosmetologist on our team to offer the highest quality of service.

FX Makeup

Our team offers upscale FX and Moulage services. Our FX team is trained and uses top products for great effects. We serve schools for Every 15 Minute campus events, and community disaster trainings.

Halloween? we have you covered.  We take private day appointments on Halloween and are available for parties and events on days leading up to and after. It is rare we accept events on Halloween after a stop time of 2 pm.

Haunted attractions? We do staff training and consultation meeting your needs and budget.

Body Painting

Having been involved in face and body art for many years we offer so much more.  Looking for body painting for a costume party or a lovely pregnancy belly painting?  We also do body art with corporate logos for promotional releases and club events. See Sweet Loretta’s Body Art intended for a more mature audience.

Sweet Loretta Art


We do offer basic henna for small parties and fast paced events.  Designs are smaller traditional and modern desigs to appeal to all genders and to serve busy events.  We do designs in tradional skin-safe henna along with “white” henna which offfers white and colored designs..

Balloon Decor / Twisting

Look for Balloon Decor, Balloon Twisting?  Sweet Loretta is a Certified Balloon Artist, a balloon industry accredidation for Balloon decor.  We do columns, arches, a table decor.  We specilize in open houses, grad openings and corporate and school events.  While do do offer balloon twisters, we are currently hiring that service out of house. We work with a number of great artists, and should have an in house twister back soon.


Community Events and Fundraisers

Our team can be found at a wide variety of community events. This photograph is from the Placer SPCA Barktoberfest where High Jinks gave away airbrush tattoos for pets and their people.


Music & Art Festivals

We participate in a number of music and art, and food festivals. Here at the long-running Strawberry Music Festival you can see our low family friendly prices. While we may charge more at other events we do keep our prices lower than most face & body artists. The look of our booth varies with events. Our booth always looks upscale and clean-cut, with a bit decor to match of the event theme.