I am laughing as I write this title. Yes I am and exceptional face painter, and at one time being the only full time only face art entertainer in the area. I am Premier. I also write great copy and over the years have found my ads and words used in other entertainers marketing. It’s one thing to share a simple word like premier but I have seen my add take word for word. You’d think that a face painter would be creative, but I guess that does not relate to all skills. And thus others glean what others create.

So I see this word premier being used for a few entertainers in my area. What does it mean to be THE Premier face painter in ones area? And can there be more than one?

Here’s what the dictionary says

first in rank; chief; leading.
first in time; earliest; oldest

Ok there is no way, not one, to know what face painter in my area is the first in rank. Do face painters have ranks? What is that based off, how many jobs done, how may yelp likes, how many follow on Instagram? I think I am at the top of my game, and I have no doubt some others in my area think they are too. We all work, we all have happy customers, we share brags like being on TV, winning awards…… So while i do note a handful are more skilled than some others, I call this one a wash

How about being the first in time. I will note that when I stared there were clowns and occasional face painter in my area doing face art. Most are no longer working and none were just, full time, full face, face painter only entertainers. While I not place and cash bets on it, I think I win.

So while I am gonna beef of my digital content and visual this year, I also now have to look at what words I use to appeal to my potential customers. So for today I will remain using, as others do too, the term premier in noting my services. I hope you holidays are happy. Contact me at High Jinks.