year-of-the-rat-bok kai-marysville-face-painting

In our area it is celebration time.  Marysville California is home to one of the oldest Taoist Temples in the USA. This temple is home to Bok Eye a water god. Marysville located where two rivers the Yuba River and the Feather River intersect is a historic city with significant stories of Chinese immigrants, the gold rush and rich California history. Year year the city hold a parade, a small festival and a Bomb day to honor Bok Kia.

This year 2020 marks a new breath for the community with a newly revamped museum next to the Bok Kia Temple. The Temple is a sacrad site and worthy of your visit.

The Bok Kia Parade has a spectacular 175 foot Dragon, Hong Wan Lung, which takes many people to help it dance it's way through Marysville. Bright and colorful this Dragon really is a site to see. However, Moo Lung, the original Parade Dragon long retired ans showing sign of love and use can be seen in the museum.

Bok Kia Parade Dragon
Moo Ling Parade Dragon

For many years I have done face painting at the Bok Kia Festival. I even have plenty of related airbrush tattoo designs. This year I will be face painting in historic Marysville for a private party during the festival. Can't wait. I always love the small town Parade and the big town Dragon. High Jinks has been in the Bok Kia Parade many times each year I swear I will build a big parade puppet for each zodiac sign. Well I am excited to say I have actually started on the heads.

Here is a Chinese Zodiac Wheel so the kiddos can find their sign. There are twelve signs that rotate each year. So what's your sign?