Questions? We'll try to answer some here, but feel free to just ask. Each event is different and we want to be sure yours has the special attention it deserves.

What are your rates?

We do have standard rates. That being said, not all events fit a cookie cutter pricing format. One might expect to pay $65 to $125 per hour for a face painter at a private party, or $85 to $175 per hour at a corporate event. For some very special event services, an artist may run upwards to $250 per hour. We offer packaged deals and discount rates on multiple hours and artists.  Most times our rates include the cost of travel, on occasion and based on location we may require a travel rate.

What Do I Provide Besides Guests?

The number one thing High Jinks requires is 100% shade and protection from the elements and level ground. And a table and your guests attention.

While we can do on occasional job in a very shady park, event artists are to be provided with a canopy for both seasonal protection and crowd control.  We often require a power outlet with in 10 feet for airbrush work.  For events under 6 hours we require a 6" table per two artist and two standard chairs. For events we do provide canopies, tables and chairs for a small handling charge. Artists can not work on hills or bumpy ground.  For events over 3 hours we require bottle water for our artists. For very busy events we require a reserved parking spot withing 75 feet of the event location or a equipment drop-off spot with in 15 feet and and for large acreage events a shuttle to the work location, and parking permits or lots fees paid.

For private parties, we ask for a small card table, shade or protection for the seasonal elements. We ask that artists are allowed the guests attention for the short time they are their.  Please do not take guests away for pinatas, present openings or craft and game activities.  Please prove a parking space within 100 feet.

Do You Donate Your Services?

Yes, we do have some special causes. Close to our heart are events for the homeless, those at risk, and animals in need.  We are community minded but cannot work all notable causes for free. Please ask with a good deal of advance notice if we can work something out for your cause. We are happy to help you raise funds, and do offer schools and not for profits a special discount.

 What Are Your Qualifications?

Along with 18 years of events and parties, countless professional trainings in face & body painting, airbrush body art, henna, FX makeup and balloons, our team holds a variety of industry certifications and state licenses.  Owner, Sweet Loretta is a Certified Face Painting Instructor and a Certified Airbrush Body Art Instructor and is a Certified Balloon Artist (which refers to scaled decor not twisting party balloon animals). Our entire team, Reid, Larry, Austin, Laurie are all Certified Airbrush Tattoo Artists.  Lauri is working on her face painting certification and is a state licensed cosmetologist. Our seasonal help trains throughout the year to meet the demands of our busy grad night season.  All set the High Jinks team head and shoulders above our competition.

Are Face Paints Safe?

Yes. We use quality makeup formulated with FDA approved ingredients especially made for face and body art. Our main makeup for children's face painting is made by Mehron; the oldest theatrical makeup company in the USA. That makeup is made here in America.  We do use some Austrailan and Asian made makeup. All widely recognized as skin safe and used in the face & body art industry worldwide.  We also use only cosmetic grade glitters and body adhesives.

Is Airbrush Safe?

Yes.  Airbrush makeup is blown onto the skin at a very low pressure. We use two types of makeup, the one for tattoos we call "ink" and the for face painting and hair (and younger children events) we call "paint".  Both are water-proof, durable and stay put.  The "paint" is removed with liquid soap then water.  The "ink" is removed with rubbing alcohol and or baby or olive oil.  Both makeups are made in the USA and widely used in the body art industry.

Is FX Makeup Safe?

Yes. We do not use any made in the kitchen Halloweeny makeup. We use only top industry products for realism and clean effects, top brands widely used in the film and haunt industry, most made here in the USA.  Every product we use is chosen for its quick application, durability and how it renders great looks.  We use drying blood products so as not to transfer to clothing, cars and walls, and fast-dry special effect products so actors or guests are on the go quickly.

What Forms Of Exchange Does High Jinks Accept?

We accept most types of payments.  For small private parties we prefer payment in cash or online via the PayPal app. It's easy to use and payment can be made direct fast and easy.  For large events we accepet credit cards and checks the day of the event. We allow invoice payments by check through standard mail only from schools and repeat clients.  An extra handleing charge will be applied for payment by check on invoices for event producers and large events that wish to pay after the event.