Looks like 2021 may have us out and about. I think we are all ready to play. In that vain I am adding some fun things to our festival booths.

I do know that as of now both Spring and Fall 2021 Strawberry Music Festivals are postponed to 2022. To loss two years is a huge loss for us. Financially speaking it is the lesser of the losses. The big loss is in the connection with so many long tome festival goers. We greatly miss see the Strawberry family children grow up.

We have no news on any of our regular festivals for 2021. So be it Berryfest in the spring, Peach Festival in the summer or Faerieworld just near fall (just a few of our festivals),as of March 1 2021 we have no updates to provide.

Still hoping and planning for some festival in 2021, be it spring or late summer if we can be at our shows we will come with some great fun.

I have a few new things to add and enhance the fun. The first thing I am busy making are bubble wands. Some might know that we sold handmade large copper bubble wands years ago. Well they are back, all new designs and in three sizes. Right now I am busy getting these made.

I have just been waiting for warmer weather to complete the painting on our brand new giant bubble wands. Hand crafted by a long time bubble maker who is retiring. I have a load of wands ready for decoration. I am sanding and priming away.

I can't wait to show you more of these wands when they are ready to go. High Jinks Magic Bubble Wands, I can wait till you see our Magic Wands.