So clearly I am terrible at keeping an updated blog. I was very good back in the day in updating, writing and offering much loved content but I admit to not being so great at this. But I plow on and am determined to stay in touch.

As of now January 2021 we are still closed due to our global pandemic. We are ready to work but alas gathering are just not yet taking place. We do expect to see you this year at a community event, festival, school grad night or company picnic.

As of now I am actively re-booking Sober Gard Night with repeat school having priority. All annual clients for large events and company picnics also have priority to booking dates. We value our clients and want to re-connect for some fun and laughter.

Rest assume our methods for face and body art have improved and evolved with the concern for stricter hygiene standards.

Happy New Year, Peace in Paint, See Ya' Soon
Sweet Loretta